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February 1, 2024

It’s a whole new year! We’ve been busy! Mostly being new parents. :) Things are starting to pick back up musically after we've had some time to settle into our new familial roles. 2023 was a huge learning curve for Jeff and I in terms of learning to be new parents, with the added curveballs of unexpected mental health crises around the postpartum period. I’m glad to report we've gotten through it and are stronger for it. Many songs were written about the experiences. Jeff and I are in the process of flushing out these songs and are super excited to be gearing up to release a new album entirely around the themes of motherhood and mental health. We hope to release this new body of work in 2024. 

Another exciting bit of news! We were blown away to be chosen to receive a 2024 Sonic Guild Artist Grant for our work as musicians. It’s an incredible honor to be among so many of our esteemed PNW peers and just such a vote of confidence in us, in what we do and what we contribute with our work.

Here’s to a great year! Stay tuned. :)



Photo courtesy Ernie Sapiro Photography 2020

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