September 8, 2020

New Music Announcement!

My husband and musical partner Jeff Fielder and I have decided to release singles from the new album we started recording at Doe Bay Resort and Retreat this summer while on an artist retreat. We want to release them quickly since the songs were written in response to everything that's been happening this year. We'd like to get them out while they're fresh and relevant!

So - it's time to get cracking! Finish tracking, have already booked mixing sessions, mastering. This album I believe we'll just be releasing digitally for now. We're shooting for mid to late October releases leading up to the election. (The album we had intended to release this year and did a kickstarter for will be released after this, with actual physical copies made to be sent out to those who supported the project.) :)

Excited to get this new music out! I'll be knocking on all the music publication doors so if any of y'all have any leads for folks to submit singer/songwriter, protest songs to, would love to hear from you. :)

As always, hope you're doing as well as can be.


With love and light,


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