The Curtain Falls  2018
This Nightlife is Wearing On Me  2015 


CAN'T HAVE ME   Tiny Bus Concert, Bend, OR
CAN'T MOVE ON featuring Jeff Fielder
NICE TRY   video by Ryan Jorgensen
OH MY LOVE   John Lennon Tribute




Americana / Roots Folk Country Blues Rock / Indie

Waterfield's second LP, "The Curtain Falls," with production by Seattle's esteemed Jeff Fielder, mixing and engineering by Eric Eagle, mastering by Martin Feveyear and special appearances by Jeff Fielder, Andrew Joslyn, Daniel Walker, Kate Olson and Aaron O'Neil, was self-released April of 2018. 


"The Curtain Falls" made it to KBCS's "Music of the Moment" and "must-hear music of the month", has been added to the KEXP playlist, and has had radio play on KBCS, KSER, KBFG, and 1077 The End with live in-studio performances at KBCS, KSER, and Seamonster Radio.

"Seattle’s Tekla Waterfield is a thoughtful, introspective songwriter who seeks evolution and to touch new creative ground with each project she involves herself with. Her latest effort is a 10-song album, The Curtain Falls, an inspiring and uplifting album with songs born from personal experiences that range from joy to sorrow, completion to confusion." Jake Uitti, Artist Home, 2019

"Tekla Waterfield is an ethereal goddess on Nice Try." Day Ray, Dan's Tunes, 2019

"Over the last several years, Seattle has been bursting at the seams with massively talented singer/songwriter types and Tekla Waterfield ranks right up there with the best of them."  NW Music Scene, 2018

"Like all good late night torch singers, Tekla Waterfield’s songs will break the hearts that need a good breaking, or help heal the ones already cracked.


You may know her from her tenure in Seattle’s Bushwick Book Club, a group of working musicians who, instead of discussing books over dark beer, craft song responses to them and graciously perform them for us. Or perhaps you’ve heard her as one of the vocalists with Seattle Rock Orchestra. That’s only part of the story here.


Backed by superb production from Jeff Fielder, Tekla’s songs on her second solo album The Curtain Falls glisten like old Seattle neon refracting through the raindrops on your no longer affordable apartment window while you’re considering if you should move, break-up, resist, or pull the cork out of the half drained wine bottle. So, yeah, there’s an album for that. You should take a listen."  Iaan Hughes Music Director, KBCS - 2018

Photo Courtesy Ernie Sapiro https://erniesapiro.com/

"The extremely talented Tekla Waterfield put on a great show with her band and had the Tractor audience wanting more!" Melissa Wax, Ballard Vox 2019

"Tekla Waterfield is a singer-songwriter of fantastic talent and stylistic breadth." Lattney Brian Jones, Ball of Wax Quarterly - 2019

"The Curtain Falls is a spectacular collection of songs. Very creative and full of fresh originality."  Mark Gordon, Executive Director, Seattle Wave Radio - 2018

"The singer songwriter found her own essence within her poignantly palpable harmonies which she’s infused with the roots of her Seattle sound. Her sounds tend to bounce between Folk, Jazz, Indie and Blues through her discography proving that she’s one of the most eclectically talented underground artists around today.

With Original Lies, Tekla has created an anthemically catchy Pop hit, complete with an irresistibly catchy chorus that even Kim Gordon would give 5 stars."  A&R Factory - 2018

"The songstress has a way with her lyrical delivery, though she defines herself as alt-country, she flirts with Joss Stone-like soul flourishes in between her tinges of country twang." Monterey County Weekly - 2017

"It shouldn’t surprise you that singer-songwriter Tekla Waterfield is part of a book club dedicated to creating art inspired by literature. Take a listen to this indie-Americana musician’s lyrics and it’s all about the story. Sure, those stories are mostly about love, but like great literature, everything she does is honest. Jazz lines breeze through this music as does bluegrass-tinged fiddles. But the sound is carried by Waterfield’s unaffected vocals." Volume Inlander Music Festival, Spokane, WA - 2016

"Tekla is one of the most nuanced and individualistic voices in Seattle, and she heads up a band of incredible musicians that can mix it up in a cross-genre fusion of jazz, singer-songwriter, and jam band traditions."

Seattle Acoustic Festival, Seattle, WA- 2016



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